Dentistry for Seniors

Senior Oral Health

The mouth is a window to the rest of the body. The health of your mouth is important for your overall health as well.

Poor oral health increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, liver, and kidney disease.

The best way to achieve good oral health is to prevent disease through daily brushing and flossing and visiting the dentist regularly.

Regular exams can even tell the dentist about your overall health.

Do you find it difficult to brush and floss?

We have ways to overcome this problem. There are certain dental products designed to make oral care more comfortable. Electric sonic toothbrushes and battery-operated flossers will help by doing the work for you.

Partial & Full Dentures, and Gum Disease

It is imperative that partial and full denture patients come in regularly to make necessary adjustments that can improve the fit and comfort. Ill-fitting dentures and poor dental hygiene can cause inflammation of the underlying tissue and there may be a correlation between this and oral cancer. Home care therapy is provided to help prevent this condition.

Senior Oral Health Risks

Dry Mouth

Medications and prescription drugs cause a decrease in saliva leading to dry mouth. We use natural remedies to increase saliva.

Diminished Sense of Taste

Dentures, medications, and disease can contribute to sensory loss. We use acupressure techniques (no needles) to stimulate taste buds to work better.

Root Decay & Erosion

Receding gums are due to brushing too hard or gum disease. Since roots do not have enamel to protect them, they are prone to decay and wear. Composite restorations may be used to protect the soft root structure from further wear.

Diabetes & Poor Dental Health

Inflammation due to gum disease can cause instability in blood sugar levels. Regular cleanings and good home care will help control blood sugar levels.

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