Comprehensive Dental Examination And Consultation

Many of Dr. Mele’s patients have said: “That was the most thorough dental examination I’ve ever had”. He takes the time and care to evaluate conditions that many other practitioners overlook.  In addition to checking for decay, gum disease, and oral cancer, Dr. Mele checks for possible blockages in the oral cavity that can affect energy lines (meridians) to distant organs. 

For example, the third molar extraction sites (wisdom teeth) can harbor an area in the bone at the extraction site that has failed to completely fill in with healthy bone. These sites may not be detected by x-rays and are in most cases painless. Dr. Mele locates and stimulates healing with a new patented therapy. Energy flow can be restored to the heart and other organs on that line if blockages or leaks in energy occur.

Dr. Mele evaluates the biocompatibility of your restorations and if there is a need to replace them, he can select materials that are more biocompatible.

Galvanic effects can be measured. When two or more metals are near each other in saliva, a battery effect occurs and electric mini shocks fire off whenever the teeth come together. This phenomenon has been shown to cause biochemical disruptions in some patients. Corrosion of the restorations can also adversely affect the patient’s health.  Non-metallic restorations can eliminate this phenomenon.

After a comprehensive exam, Dr. Mele will follow-up with a consultation. The consultation outlines the dental conditions that exist and the options for treatment. The benefits and drawbacks of each treatment plan are also discussed. 

Once a treatment plan is selected, Dr. Mele’s staff discusses the different payment options available and how insurance participates in that process. The office welcomes any questions regarding treatment and finances. The course of treatment is tailor-made with the needs of the patient in mind at all times.

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