Children (Pedodontic) Dentistry

Dr. Mele has been treating children for over 30 years. He has extensive training in all facets from safer composite restorations (fillings) to growth and development of the jaws using interceptive growth appliances at early ages. For more information see: Children’s Jaw & Teeth Development.

Dr. Mele and his staff pride themselves with the proper communication skills to help children get over their fear and anxiety.  Dr. Mele starts by explaining to the child the dental equipment, for example:  Mr. Wind (air), Mr. Rain (water syringe), Miss Sunshine, (dental light).  He explains what to expect before the service is performed. Children are given the ability to stop the procedure by thumbs up and thumbs down hand signals.

Dr. Mele encourages the parents to stay with the child in the treatment room if they feel more secure.  He has listed some recommendations to parents on how to speak to the child before, during, and after the visit.

Dr. Mele’s goal when treating all patients is to have a pleasant dental experience.

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