Biological Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Mele’s mission as a biological holistic (whole-body) dentist is to balance the body energetically, biochemically, functionally, nutritionally, emotionally, and structurally.

The oral cavity can be a source of many imbalances on each and every one of these of these levels.  Through extensive training, Dr. Mele has developed many treatment modalities to accomplish these objectives through personalized testing for biocompatible restorative materials which are selected based on blood serum analysis and acupressure techniques.

Nutritional assessments are performed to determine your specific individual unique requirements and to determine what foods and toxins you need to remove from your diet.

Balanced meridians (energy flows) can be interrupted by many issues in the oral cavity.  Systemic issues in other organs can also prevent conditions in the mouth from healing.  Dr. Mele has extensive training in locating and eliminating roadblocks to and from the mouth.

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