I have a real passion for holistic dentistry because I feel I can make a real difference in children and adults’ health, not only removing obstacles to health in children by improving their ability to chew and their appearance and addressing their nasal obstructions that may be present when their teeth are crowded due to small jaw size.

I also feel I can help adult health issues by addressing conditions such as chronic infections, jaw alignment issues due to crowded teeth, missing teeth, faulty restorations, and disease and defects in bones. These dental issues can cause other organs to malfunction even if there is an absence of pain in the mouth.

My staff and I have a special loyalty to each other. We work as a team with mutual respect for each other.  They are my special blessings and my extended family. They have been with me for many years.

The Start of The Practice

My practice began in Bridgewater, NJ in a small office that had been vacated by another dentist.  I called it my phone booth. I moved to my present location down the street so I would be able to satisfy the growing needs of more and more patients.

About 15 years ago, I was introduced to holistic dentistry. My wife had a severe case of restless leg syndrome. I brought her to a holistic provider as a last resort. As he treated her he opened my eye to the powerful impact that the oral cavity has on one’s wellness. He taught me the links between non-compatible dental material and infection and health roadblocks. I have continued to pursue holistic links through many courses, seminars, and fellowship training programs sanctioned by the American Academy of General Dentistry.  

I became a Diplomate Member in the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and I continue to pursue more knowledge in this exciting field.

Education & Credentials

Joseph Mele


    My uncle was a dentist. He inspired me to follow his footsteps. I enjoyed what and how he did it, especially his cheerful attitude and attention to detail. I enjoyed pleasing people by fulfilling their needs so I could see myself providing dental services toward that end.

    My father would introduce me to people when I was a child by saying: “This is my boy, the dentist”. I guess that, along with my Uncle as a role model, led me to dentistry.

    I enjoyed working with my hands making model airplanes and ships, building go-carts, playing games like pick-up sticks and shooting pool. These hobbies pointed me towards dentistry as well. 

    While tending college I worked as a clerk at a supermarket, ice cream factory, and silk factory and helped my father in his milk business. The lessons I learned in those jobs molded my character. I learned to treat the customer with respect while trying to please their every need. I learned to be kind to people and go above and beyond the job description. Most of all, I learned to be honest and truthful when I made mistakes. I took responsibility for them.

    My faith taught me right from wrong and I tried to practice these principles throughout my life. My moral compass is my strongest asset with my family and in my dental practice. I try my best to please God first and I know that will benefit my patients tremendously when I practice dentistry this way.

    My greatest blessing is my wife Joanne.  She is a wonderful wife and mother, my best friend and I love her dearly. My second greatest blessing are my three sons, their wives and my eight amazing grandchildren.