Exciting New Breakthrough in Treating Gum Disease!

Last Updated 6/28/2021

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease) is a bacterial infection leading to inflammation of the tissues that support your teeth.  As gum disease gets worse, there is an irreversible loss of jaw bone and teeth.

Dr. Mele recently attended a symposium on the treatment of periodontal disease.

Did you know that:

•  3 out of 4 Americans over the age of 35 have bone loss

•  Periodontal disease is contagious and transmittable to your significant other

•  Periodontal disease is direct cause and effect of cardiovascular disease

•  People with periodontal disease have a 9 times greater chance of dying with Covid and 4 times the chance of going to the ICU

There is good news!  There are now non-surgical therapies that include a new nutraceutical probiotic that binds to teeth and reaches under gums.  Just dissolve the mint once a day in your mouth.  It crowds out the bacteria that causes cavities and bad breath and replaces them with beneficial bacteria that supports healthier teeth and gums.  It will even give you a fresher breath and whiter smile too!  These probiotics are also safe for use with crowns, bridges, dentures, braces, dental appliances, and sleep aids.

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